BILL PASSALACQUA Friday, April 18th, 8pm @ The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden, a Cousin Andy’s event

April 13th, 2014

Bill Passalacqua is no stranger to the Cousin Andy’s and Yellow Moon stages, but it’s been a while!  We are excited to welcome Bill back this coming Friday, April 18th, 8pm.  This week’s show will be at The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden.

Bill “Poss,” a native of Effingham, was born with music in his soul.  He and his entire family have always been involved in music.  After getting his law degree from the University of Illinois in 1994, he moved to Austin, Texas, to pursue a career in the music business.  Finding that there was lots of music and very little business, Passalacqua decided he liked it better that way.  He’s lived mostly in Texas and on the road since 1994.

Anything can become a song in Bill Passalacqua hands.  No, really, anything.  You’re standing in line at the porta-potty?  That’s a song.  You’re watching kids draw with sidewalk chalk?  That’s a song.  You’re missing your dead pet?  That’s a song.  You’re wondering what the director of FEMA was doing during Hurricane Katrina?  That’s a song.  You’re driving in winter weather?  That’s a song.  Bill has been known to write new songs DURING his shows.  Maybe he’ll write a song about you!  Come find out.

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LAURIE MCCLAIN Friday, April 4th, 7:30pm – Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd

March 24th, 2014

Donna Stjerna of Still on Hill says Laurie is, “…my favorite songwriter in the whole world.”   Cousin Andy’s welcomes back one of our all-time favorites, Laurie McClain, on April 4th.  We’ll be back in the Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd for this show.

Of Laurie’s most recent CD, singer/songwriter Devon Sproule says, “Laurie McClain has got to be from another planet. I’ve never met anyone — except maybe Richie Havens — who is so open-hearted & full of love for humanity, yet who appears to experience life on a different plane than everybody else. The world is a harsh place for souls like these, and music seems to be their tool for making sense of it. Laurie’s music is as innocent as it is informed by experience, as playful as it is rooted, and as detail-oriented as it is grand in scope. Lucky for the rest of us, she’s translated her Earthly experience onto record, and called it Ascend.”

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DANA & SUSAN ROBINSON Friday, March 21st, 8pm at The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden

March 13th, 2014

We welcome Dana and Susan Robinson back to the Cousin Andy’s stage on Friday, March 21st.  We always are anxious to hear some of our favorite Dana and Sue songs, as well as anticipating new songs that are sure to be added to our favorites list.

Dana and Susan Robinson are two guitar-playing, banjo-frailing, fiddle-sawing, and harmony-singing interpreters of the American experience. Their unique blend of contemporary songwriting and traditional Appalachian music bring to their performances a deep understanding of Americas musical heritage.

The genius their performance lies in their ability to capture the imagination of their audience, evoking a transformative experience that touches on the deepest humanity. They can make the audience howl with laughter or hush with poignant reflection as they take them on a journey across America and convey the mystery and wonder of the places they visit.

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THE GORDONS this Friday 3/7, 7:30pm, Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd

March 3rd, 2014

For those who live in or are from the Southern Illinois area, The Gordons really need no introduction.

We are looking forward to having them back to Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse this Friday night.

Influenced by the great music of their era, Gary and Roberta were baptized by bluegrass music and have made wonderful folk music ever since. Accompanied by Gary’s tasteful Gallagher guitar and dobro, Roberta plays the American born Appalachian autoharp. With many recordings to their credit since 1976, harmony singing is their signature.

Robert Oerman of Nashville’s music industry publication Music Row says, “The Gordons sing with such open-hearted honesty and pick with such crystalline purity that you’d have to be made of steel to resist them.”

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Friday, February 28th, 8pm, KRISTA DETOR at The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden

February 11th, 2014

Of Songwriter Krista Detor’s work, Rolling Stone says, “A Small Miracle….”  MusicDish magazine states:  “Call [Mudshow] a novel like Richard Wright’s “Manchild in the Promised Land” or the musical equivalent of Akira Kurosawa’s “Dreams”:  a collection of short pieces – stories or short films of dreams – that taken together, form a whole, more than the sum of its parts.”  The Boston Herald says, simply, “All songwriters shouldbe this good….”

Of Krista’s brand new CD, Flat Earth Diary, The Stereobox writes, “”What genre classification can we place her in?  The answer is ‘who cares?’  When an artist produces music of this caliber, what does it matter the genre?  Krista truly produces great music…this album is mesmerizing.”

If you have seen and heard Krista when she’s performed in our area, you know what a gift you receive if you are lucky enough to be in the audience — and you want that experience again.

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BUDDY MONDLOCK Friday, February 7th, 7:30pm

February 1st, 2014

Note:  Ronny Cox is unable to appear at Cousin Andy’s this coming Friday, due to a scheduling conflict.  We hope to reschedule Ronny in the not too distant future.

We are quite fortunate to have Buddy Mondlock return to Cousin Andy’s on short notice!  We’ll be in the fellowship hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd.

Buddy Mondlock writes songs.  He does it so well that some great songwriters have recorded his songs on their own albums.  Guy Clark, Nanci Griffith, and Janis Ian, to name just a few.  You might have heard his song “The Kid” (recorded by David Wilcox, Peter, Paul, and Mary, and Cry, Cry, Cry) and maybe even sung it yourself around a campfire.  Buddy draws you into his world — where a single snowflake follows the trajectory of a relationship, where you get your pocket picked by a Roman cat, where you might swim over the edge of the world if you’re not careful, and where dreams that don’t come true still count.

Buddy’s most recent CD, “The Memory Wall,” includes a few songs dating back to his early years in Nashville, including a collaboration with Garth Brooks called “A Canary’s Song,” about a coal miner transplanted to a city slum, waking each morning to the song of the bird he brought with him from home.

“Buddy Mondlock is one of our country’s best songwriters.  His approach is gentle and Zen-like, the songs unfurl like little movies and the listener is transported to some distant better place — and isn’t that waht music should be about?”  — Ellis Paul 

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WINTER FOLKSTRAVAGANZA! Friday, January 24th, 7pm

January 21st, 2014

Join us at Cousin Andy’s this Friday night for our semi-annual benefit concert feature some of our area’s favorite musicians.

The lineup includes Doug E. Rees, SeeSee Sisters, and County Graves.

Doug E. Rees, a songwriter from Jackson, MO, is no stranger to the Cousin Andy’s stage.  Since his last Cousin Andy’s appearance, Doug has released a new CD, NATURE BOY.  We always are happy to have Doug venture over from the other side of the river to share his music with us.  Doug says, “My songs are about REAL LIFE and real people. You will know these people for they have been a part of your life too. They may have different names but the relationship will be somewhat the same.”

The SeeSee Sisters are Christine Bauer and Candy Davis, with Marty Merrill.  Canadian original folk, with a dash of American seasoning.

Brett Haynes writes in NIGHTLIFE Entertainment Guide, “Self-described as a Southern Illinois Americana band, County Graves employ a strong hold on an old sound with an able and young grip and a slight twist. Spinning goosebump-worthy tales about whiskey, murder, coal-mining, ghosts, the devil, and debauchery, laced with knowledge about local folklore and musical flavors, and delivered with urgency and honesty, County Graves are an old-soul powered band for a new generation.”

Friday, January 17th, 7:30pm Andrew and Casey Calhoun at COGS

January 14th, 2014

We kick off the 2014 season by welcoming Andrew Calhoun, this time with his daughter, Casey, back to Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse on Friday, January 17, 2014.  We will be in the fellowship hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd.

Casey joins Andrew, adding vocals and interpretive dance. Casey’s pure, distinctive voice takes the lead on songs by artists from Anais Mitchell to Frank Loesser, and adds new dimensions of harmony and call-and-response to Calhoun originals, Scottish ballads and folksongs, and rare 19th century African-American spirituals. Casey, an accomplished dancer, moves to Mary Oliver’s poetry and Dave Carter’s music in this striking, joyful combination of complementary talents.

Andrew writes with a paradoxical combination of incandescent intellect and unstudied magic. He is both a lightning rod for “the unconscious rightness of intuitive connection” and a perpetual student of songcraft with deep respect for both tradition and innovation. In the thirty-odd years that he has been a songwriter and performer he has created an impressive collection of songs from which he draws in live performances. On stage he is disarmingly unpretentious, spontaneous, insightful and darkly witty.

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Winter/Spring 2013-2014 Schedule now posted….

December 13th, 2013

SMALL POTATOES this Friday, December 13th, 7:30pm – Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd

December 10th, 2013

We welcome back Small Potatoes for what has become their annual appearance at Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse.  We are hoping Friday the 13th arrives with an abundance of good luck and good cheer and good weather!!  We are in The Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd this week for the final show of the Fall Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse season.

The Chicago based folk duo of Jacquie Manning and Rich Prezioso say it has taken them years of careful indecision to develop a repertoire they describe as “Celtic to Cowboy.” Superb musicianship and showmanship, award-winning songwriting, and a strong sense of tradition has made them, as Dirty Linen Magazine once said, “one of the most polished, inventive, and entertaining shows on the circuit.”

Since their last visit with us, the tiny tubers have completed a Christmas CD (yay!) and we are sure you will be able to procure one for yourself at the show. 

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Cousin Andy’s sends congratulations to Jennifer Buchheit and Johnny Carlyle on the birth of Mya Alina Carlyle, born December 1st at 11:45pm.  We look forward to introducing Mya Alina to a Cousin Andy’s show sometime early next year!