THE GORDONS this Friday 3/7, 7:30pm, Fellowship Hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd

For those who live in or are from the Southern Illinois area, The Gordons really need no introduction.

We are looking forward to having them back to Cousin Andy’s Coffeehouse this Friday night.

Influenced by the great music of their era, Gary and Roberta were baptized by bluegrass music and have made wonderful folk music ever since. Accompanied by Gary’s tasteful Gallagher guitar and dobro, Roberta plays the American born Appalachian autoharp. With many recordings to their credit since 1976, harmony singing is their signature.

Robert Oerman of Nashville’s music industry publication Music Row says, “The Gordons sing with such open-hearted honesty and pick with such crystalline purity that you’d have to be made of steel to resist them.”

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