BILL PASSALACQUA Friday, April 18th, 8pm @ The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden, a Cousin Andy’s event

Bill Passalacqua is no stranger to the Cousin Andy’s and Yellow Moon stages, but it’s been a while!  We are excited to welcome Bill back this coming Friday, April 18th, 8pm.  This week’s show will be at The Yellow Moon Cafe in Cobden.

Bill “Poss,” a native of Effingham, was born with music in his soul.  He and his entire family have always been involved in music.  After getting his law degree from the University of Illinois in 1994, he moved to Austin, Texas, to pursue a career in the music business.  Finding that there was lots of music and very little business, Passalacqua decided he liked it better that way.  He’s lived mostly in Texas and on the road since 1994.

Anything can become a song in Bill Passalacqua hands.  No, really, anything.  You’re standing in line at the porta-potty?  That’s a song.  You’re watching kids draw with sidewalk chalk?  That’s a song.  You’re missing your dead pet?  That’s a song.  You’re wondering what the director of FEMA was doing during Hurricane Katrina?  That’s a song.  You’re driving in winter weather?  That’s a song.  Bill has been known to write new songs DURING his shows.  Maybe he’ll write a song about you!  Come find out.

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