THE CANTRELLS, Friday, May 9th, 7:30pm

We welcome Al and Emily Cantrell back to Cousin Andy’s  Concert Series this Friday.  We’ll be in the fellowship hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd for our last show of this Cousin Andy’s season. 

The Cantrells have been touring and performing their original folk and bluegrass music in concerts and festivals since 1985. Their performances feature Emily Cantrell’s songs, her strong rhythm guitar (especially her swing style), Al Cantrell’s contest-winning fiddling in traditional, swing and Irish styles, their duet harmonies, “fiddlesticks” (“playing the straws”) and a wide variety of songs from bluegrass to Broadway musicals. 

Al and Emily are on the ever-growing list of Cousin Andy’s favorites.  A few years ago, Marlene Shepherd, then a regular entertainment writer for The Southern Illinoisan wrote:    

Ask Al Cantrell what makes his acoustic duo so popular, and he’ll point to his wife, Emily.  “It’s because she writes songs which have popular themes, love songs in a lot of respects,” he says. “Also, they have an imagery that allows you to use your imagination. Sometimes it takes you out to a scene in the Rocky Mountains on some river. Sometimes it’s a scene where an owl is flying toward you.”  Ask Emily Cantrell the same question, and she’ll point to Al’s fine fiddling. As you may have guessed, it’s the combination of Emily’s and Al’s gifts that have earned The Cantrells critical acclaim.  Emily’s impressive vocal range and imaginative lyrics plays beautifully with the flick of Al’s fiddle and mandolin. Or as the Nashville Tennessean put it: “She sings like an angel, he plays like the devil.”

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Photo by Tim Piazza