DANNY ELLIS Friday, September 19th, 7:30pm, COGS Fellowship Hall

We welcome Danny Ellis to Cousin Andy’s Friday, September 19th, for the opening show of the Southern Illinois Irish Festival 2014.  We’ll be in the fellowship hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd for this show.

“There are those rare musicians that are also poets and storytellers, who can bend time and space and language so it penetrates into the deepest places of the human soul. Danny Ellis is one, and his music has shattered and embraced me with the severe grace.” –  WILLIAM PAUL YOUNG, bestselling author of The Shack
“Danny’s music slays me. He has one of the best ‘live’ voices I’ve ever heard.” — BONNIE RAITT

“800 Voices ” is one of the best CDs I’ve heard in a long, long time, I couldn’t turn it off till it was done, which is rare for me.” — PEGGY SEEGER  

Music has been the main driving force in Danny Ellis’ life almost since he was born (in Dublin City). Born in a time and place where everyone sang, his mother would sing for the family every night by the fire before bedtime; “her voice so filled with emotion, that sometimes she’d almost scare us.” Danny’s songs are startlingly personal, exploring waters seldom plumbed by other writers and are gauged to “crack your heart wide open”. His writing is tapestried with a rare emotional depth and acute understanding of human nature—garnered on an orphanage playground with 800 wild kids.  “In that tough orphanage, every kind of personality, even the most guarded, revealed its secrets over time. Hopefully my writing holds some of the insights and healing that has blessed my own life. I write a lot about relationships because they are a metaphor for an indefinable inner journey, expressed in everyday terms. You might say I’m obsessed with trying to express the inexpressible, to touch the invisible.”