Bottle Rocket Cabaret, Friday, December 5th, 7:30pm

We welcome Bottle Rocket Cabaret to Cousin Andy’s Concert Series on Friday, December 5th, at 7:30pm.  We’ll be in the fellowship hall of The Church of The Good Shepherd for this week’s show.

Bottle Rocket Cabaret is the duo comprised of award winning musicians John Latini and Jamie-Sue Seal.  The pair presents a lively collection of songs and fills in the gaps with superb vocals, masterful guitar playing and vintage flair.  Often drawing comparisons to the iconic duo “Delaney and Bonnie” for their soulful vocals and bluesy approach, their roots-based repertoire also reveals glimpses of jazz standards, gospel, musical theater and opera house follies.

 ”Jamie-Sue Seal and John Latini put together musical shows that go way beyond the aging hipster folk crap.  Exceptional musicianship combined with enormous wit and engaging showmanship, they are the real deal.  If their show comes to town-BE THERE!”    -Michael Curths, Presenter and Promoter

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