Groundhog Revival Singer Showcase – Friday, 1/30, 7pm

A new event to kick off Cousin Andy’s Spring Concert Series….

Friday, January 30th, at 7pm…in the fellowship hall of The Church of the Good Shepherd, the season begins with the first-ever GROUNDHOG REVIVAL SINGER SHOWCASE!

This new benefit concert will feature a number of our finest local performers.  Each will do a couple of his or her own songs and then…have to spin the Wheel of Misfortune for “choosing” a final song.  That song will be performed with our house band…in the key determined by rolling the Dice of Despair.  Who’s good at improv and who will have a train wreck with the song? Come on down to Cousin Andy’s and find out!  Guaranteed to be an entertaining evening!

Performers include:  Ivas John with Gary Gordon, Marshall Anderson, Wil Maring & Robert Bowlin, Katie Foley, Andrea Stader, Carter & Connelly, Rog ‘n’ Bob, Christine Bauer & Kindred, Ray Hogan, house band of Transcendental Cowboys