About Cousin Andy’s

Cousin Andy’s Coffee House is a not-for-profit volunteer organization providing a smoke and alcohol free performance space. Southern Illinois’ finest music listening room!

The listening ‘atmosphere’ at a coffee house is different than that found in a bar. People attending Cousin Andy’s listen to the music, rather than converse over it. More than once, a performer new to the coffee house scene has commented that you can ‘hear a pin drop in here’ or has become nervous when realizing that the people are quiet and attentive. Please come to participate in this spirit.

A suggested donation of $10 for adults or $5 for students/low income is usual.  Well behaved, quiet children are free.

When the shows are held at The Church of The Good Shepherd:

• Doors open at 7:00. Music starts around 7:30.

• All you want to drink coffee or tea: $1.00
• Sodas: $1.00 each
• Cookies and brownies: $1.00 each

• A separate play space (wired with sound of the concert) is available for young children and their parents/caregivers. Please note that although Cousin Andy’s is a family friendly music listening room, childcare is up to the adults who bring children. Since childcare is not provided, we ask you to please watch your own children or have another adult who is willing to do so. Help everyone have a wonderful time by helping the children keep the noise level down. The playroom is directly above the stage, so your cooperation on this matter will help the performers as well as the audience. Enjoy the music!

Contacting Cousin Andy’s

Randy Auxier Performer Coordinator
Candy Davis Volunteer Coordinator
Gaye Auxier

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